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Saturday 26 January 2013

In commemoration of  the International Women’s day 8th March (United
Nations Day for Women's Rights ), the performing (Music/Drama /Dance) act
'Aduke' through her 'ASAP Reforms' initiative formally present
#DomesticViolence: "The March, The Chat & The Shows" on the 9th and 10th
of March.
On the 9th of March, ASAP Reforms and its initiators, volunteers,
celebrities and a lot more would take to the street distributing fliers
and leaflets to publicize statistics, stories and information about
domestic violence its effects and phone numbers of counselors to call if
found in such situation. While on the 10th of March there would be a talk
shop / Seminar held to discuss the topic 'Domestic Violence' while later
in the day (on the same day), there would be a drama piece by the crown
troupe of Africa titled "Onions Make Us Cry" Directed by Segun Adefila
...written by Zainab Jallo showing at 4:00pm and 6:00pm.
In recent times, the rise in domestic violence in Nigeria has become a
regular occurrence and ASAP Reforms as an organization, aims to use
various art forms to communicate socio-political messages to cause
positive change in the society. In this case, besides the March (targeted
at the highly populated areas e.g Unilag-Somolu-Bariga), there would also
be a chat session and Drama Piece (targeted at the upwardly mobile) yet
sending the message in various forms across various strata of the society.
In ancient African society, art was used as a tool for social and
political reform; with masquerades, drummers, chanters etc. who had
multiple roles in the society. Their main function was to entertain
people, but was still able to communicate messages of change. Back then,
our spiritual institutions were intact, as these artists would speak
against any ill in the society no matter who was involved. It is this
model that ASAP Reforms adapts in a more 22nd century format.
#DomesticViolence: ‘The March, The Chat & The show’ is the first of many
programs to be undertaken by ASAP Reforms in a bid to communicate social
issues. There would be 'Walks', viral videos and documentaries channeled
to spread the messages.
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