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Thursday 31 January 2013

Yaay, We back with our limelight posts this year *whoop whoop*...Kicking off we got Ajebutter 22....Akitoye Balogun, as we all know he's the half of the duo *Soyinka's Afro* where he teamed with his sister, before she relocated back to Nigeria and since then Ajebutter 22 started working as a solo artiste.
Ajebutter 22 has been part of shows like Beat of Lagos, Naija Comedy Awards, Hennessy Artistry and a couple of others even headlined his own industry night. He has also put out different mega piece, in terms of music. He has different songs out both songs he was featured on and his own songs like Senrenre where he featured Taymi B, and the one making wave now is Omo Pastor where he featured Boj (DRBLASGIDI). So far, Ajebutter 22 is not doing bad in the music industry and he has promised his fans to always keep up with the good work, as he is set to release his debut album anytime soon.
Ajebutter 22 's style can be described in three words *Sophisticated, *Bohemian and Decadence* as he once said in an interview some time ago. He has a unique style in music, as he blends his delivery with English and Yoruba. Ajebutter 22 has been featured in other songs like Sumo Na by Dj Rawon Ft JoulesDaKid and Ajebutter, also Atide a song by Bonafide and Ajebutter was on it and few other songs like his badman freestyle and so on.
So in a simple phrase, i will say *Watch Out For Ajebutter 22* more to come from him as he cave a space for himself in the music industry among other artistes. A little aside music, Ajebutter 22 is good at tensioning guys in FIFA, loves to chill out with his family and friends and hang out in bogobiri or terra-kulture and finally watch something in the theater during his quiet time.Follow on twitter @ajebutter22 and keep up with him and his music.

Saturday 2 June 2012


Stripez drops another banger called Man Of The Hour ft. Sasha Pannu for everyone to listen to. This is a follow up of his previous track called hear me(Limelight) and the video is out 06.06.12. The track is currently on both Nigerian and UK radio stations. Look out for the video and follow him on twitter @stripezartist for more to come #MOTH


Friday 20 April 2012


Millie ::: Introduce Us To karat Kid ?

Karat Kid ::: Karatkid is one focused young and talented dude, down to earth Emotional.
And the 1st born outa 3.

 Millie ::: How did you come up with the name "Karat Kid"?

Karat Kid :::   Karat means  the measurement of Gold while kid means a young boy, karatkid means a young boi worth much.

Millie  ::: How long have you been doing Music?

Karat Kid ::: Been doing music since high school,
But I started officially last year

 Millie ::: what was your first single?

Karat Kid ::: Control-it

Millie  ::: what specific genre of music are you into?

Karat Kid :::  Afro hip hop, rnb

Millie ::: What are your Challenges or Struggles So Far?

Karat Kid :::  Hmmn. So many ups nd dwn. So many shakaraz in d game. Tryna circulate music aint easy. Thank God for everything tho

Millie  ::: The support you are getting from your fans on twitter,facebook etc, do you think it can push you up to a stable position in the music industry?

Karat Kid ::: Yuuuup. Big ups to everyone supporting karatkid. And on the teamkaratkid p.

 Millie ::: How was it like to record with the likes of Ice prince,Wiz kid,Waje,Dipp,YQ,Chidinma,Eva etc on the Ovation red carol theme song

Karat Kid :::   It was fun. I enjoyed myself o.. There is nothing like finally working with people u admire in the industry.

Millie :: How do your parents cope with your music career ?

Karat Kid :::  Ahh, mumc mi toh fine. She supports me 100. My popc says he gat my back tho :D

Millie ::: Apart from being an artiste,what do you plan to become in future?

Karat Kid ::: Hmmn. In future I wanna invest on youth nd be a verry rich man. Baba olowo tinz

Millie ::: How do you combine your school work with your Music

Karat Kid ::: I stay focused

Millie ::: What secondary/Primary school did you attend?

Karat Kid ::: Primary- owo (money) primary school
Secondary- aladura comprehensive high school. Raah

Millie :: Apart from singing ,what other talent do you posses ?

Karat Kid ::: I can dance, I'm good at designing stuf,  i think I'm funny a lil, i can not fight (that's a talent to :( )

Millie ::: Are you working on any mixtape/album ,if yes when are we to expect it?

Karat Kid ::: Album later, but currently I'm spreading my singles

Millie ::: Are you signed to any record label?

Karat Kid ::: I'm under Ojb's care. J.recordings

Millie :::If yes,can you tell us more details about the label?

Karat Kid :::  J.recordings , ojb is d ceo. we have ugly and pamela. & I'm the last to get on d label. Watch out for ugly and pamela too. And Ojb's "The Format-969 album which drops later this year.

Millie ::: who is your favorite artiste and what inspires your music?

Karat Kid :::  Yaay!!! T-PAIN

Millie ::: Who do you plan to work with in the near future ?

Karat Kid :::  Tpain etc

Millie ::: If you had the chance to date Mo'cheddah or Eva who would you pick?

Karat Kid :::  Hmmn. Can I just date dem both? X_X

Millie ::: Where Do You See Karat Kid  In 4 years.?

 Karat Kid :::  Ah, dntdull it, KaratKid the biggest artist in africa. *ni oruko jesssuuu* amen

Millie ::: Something We Don’t know About you?

Karat Kid ::: I cry easily *snif* *snif*

Millie :::  Any last words?

Karat Kid :::  Keep doing what u know how to do. Don't hate on another man's success, keep ur mind on the bigger picture. Work hard for what u believe in. God bless

Wednesday 11 January 2012


E-Kelly whose real name is Emmanuel kelechi Nwosu, grew up in Jos. He started music actively in his early teens playing drums and the keyboard at 14 while in Baptist High School Jos. He remembers remaking keyboard at 14 while in Baptist High School Jos. He remembers remaking beatz like ‘gangsters paradise’ by coolio and, ‘one sweet day’ by boys 11 men. eKelly always had deep curiosity about how sounds were put together to make a song, first experience making beatz was with a PSR795 yamaha keyboard while in high school, alongside MI, Ewongo and Jesse JAGZ.