Friday, 20 April 2012

LIMELIGHT :::::: #ROnline Meets Teen Sensation, KARAT KID

Millie ::: Introduce Us To karat Kid ?

Karat Kid ::: Karatkid is one focused young and talented dude, down to earth Emotional.
And the 1st born outa 3.

 Millie ::: How did you come up with the name "Karat Kid"?

Karat Kid :::   Karat means  the measurement of Gold while kid means a young boy, karatkid means a young boi worth much.

Millie  ::: How long have you been doing Music?

Karat Kid ::: Been doing music since high school,
But I started officially last year

 Millie ::: what was your first single?

Karat Kid ::: Control-it

Millie  ::: what specific genre of music are you into?

Karat Kid :::  Afro hip hop, rnb

Millie ::: What are your Challenges or Struggles So Far?

Karat Kid :::  Hmmn. So many ups nd dwn. So many shakaraz in d game. Tryna circulate music aint easy. Thank God for everything tho

Millie  ::: The support you are getting from your fans on twitter,facebook etc, do you think it can push you up to a stable position in the music industry?

Karat Kid ::: Yuuuup. Big ups to everyone supporting karatkid. And on the teamkaratkid p.

 Millie ::: How was it like to record with the likes of Ice prince,Wiz kid,Waje,Dipp,YQ,Chidinma,Eva etc on the Ovation red carol theme song

Karat Kid :::   It was fun. I enjoyed myself o.. There is nothing like finally working with people u admire in the industry.

Millie :: How do your parents cope with your music career ?

Karat Kid :::  Ahh, mumc mi toh fine. She supports me 100. My popc says he gat my back tho :D

Millie ::: Apart from being an artiste,what do you plan to become in future?

Karat Kid ::: Hmmn. In future I wanna invest on youth nd be a verry rich man. Baba olowo tinz

Millie ::: How do you combine your school work with your Music

Karat Kid ::: I stay focused

Millie ::: What secondary/Primary school did you attend?

Karat Kid ::: Primary- owo (money) primary school
Secondary- aladura comprehensive high school. Raah

Millie :: Apart from singing ,what other talent do you posses ?

Karat Kid ::: I can dance, I'm good at designing stuf,  i think I'm funny a lil, i can not fight (that's a talent to :( )

Millie ::: Are you working on any mixtape/album ,if yes when are we to expect it?

Karat Kid ::: Album later, but currently I'm spreading my singles

Millie ::: Are you signed to any record label?

Karat Kid ::: I'm under Ojb's care. J.recordings

Millie :::If yes,can you tell us more details about the label?

Karat Kid :::  J.recordings , ojb is d ceo. we have ugly and pamela. & I'm the last to get on d label. Watch out for ugly and pamela too. And Ojb's "The Format-969 album which drops later this year.

Millie ::: who is your favorite artiste and what inspires your music?

Karat Kid :::  Yaay!!! T-PAIN

Millie ::: Who do you plan to work with in the near future ?

Karat Kid :::  Tpain etc

Millie ::: If you had the chance to date Mo'cheddah or Eva who would you pick?

Karat Kid :::  Hmmn. Can I just date dem both? X_X

Millie ::: Where Do You See Karat Kid  In 4 years.?

 Karat Kid :::  Ah, dntdull it, KaratKid the biggest artist in africa. *ni oruko jesssuuu* amen

Millie ::: Something We Don’t know About you?

Karat Kid ::: I cry easily *snif* *snif*

Millie :::  Any last words?

Karat Kid :::  Keep doing what u know how to do. Don't hate on another man's success, keep ur mind on the bigger picture. Work hard for what u believe in. God bless


  1. Karat kid toh quality!. Karat kid toh simple gaan.. Much Love

  2. Dis guy is jst d bomb

  3. damiI.Odu enterprises13 May 2012 at 23:26

    Knew wen u wantd to start yh..suprised u hav made it dis far..n dts very gud..determined 1 bruv.