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Monday 28 July 2014

I recently was at friend's studio when I happened upon an mp3 file titled " Murda dem ". Of course, I played it , my 
To be very honest, I wouldn't say I have any cogent reason for not writing a #Critik360 article for the reading
pleasure of our teeming readers for what seems to have been a...uhm...long time. But my sincerest apologies to our 
dear readers - both new and old. Tito is back. 
curiousity as always, got the better part of me. In the next following minutes as the track played on repeat, 
I was still too blown away to comprehend the beauty of what I was listening to. 
         " Murda dem " is a track by Portharcourt act J2ICE Featuring Porsch Kayiana Produced by Young David. 
This track I realised after a brief research was released in June and has been blazing the Portharcourt airwaves 
and hangouts ever since. The reason is apparent. The song is a jam.
            Actually, I haven't pin-pointed yet what really did capture my attention - asides the song being a good one.
 Its the fair-skinned, innocent-faced Porsh Kayiana! The female patua singer featured on the song. No, its not her
 looks or her audacious hair-do, its her amazing level of dexterity and prowess she exhibits when she speaks patua
(Raggae language). More amazingly, she never 'blow' - or isn't that the term the average Nigerian would call an 
artiste he/she hasn't seen on TV?  But allow me reveal to you some factual information about this talented 'porsh'
 act.  With real names Juliet Thomas, she has been in the music scene for at least six years - yes six. She has worked
 with the likes of Duncan Mighty way back in 2010 on her wildly successful song back in Portharcourt - 
' Blackberry '. She is also a two time nominee and two time Award winner - First was NMVA( Nigerian Music-video 
Awards) 2010, second was CPEA(city people Entertainment Awards) 2014. So for those that haven't heard of her, 
its okay, now you do.

            I was further privileged to find out that she was featured on Hayo Niel's #FREESPIRIT EP set to be out soon. 
 Not to worry, Critik360 would be delighted to make available this track as soon as its available - follow the
 @critik360 handle. I wouldn't say she is just a mere fan of Raggae, because if you ask me I did say she has so much
 more to offer than our self-acclaimed Nigerian Bob Marley and other so-called horn-tooting dance-hall raggae
 artistes in the Nigerian Music industry *straight face. Yes I stand to be corrected.
            You all can follow her on twitter @Iamporshkayiana and look forward to her subsequent tracks or you 
can keep a tab on Critik360 social network hubs to get all subsequent information pertaining to her new
projects and activities. 

 This a #Critik360 article. Copyright 2014. 
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