30 Dec 2012

MIXTAPE :::: SplashJosh - SchoolBoys Mixtape (First Chapter)‏

Just before 2013 kicks off, SplashJosh Detroit(USA) based Rapper/Song writer will debut his first Mixtape –SchoolBoys Mixtape (First Chapter). The mixtape consists of tracks we can all relate to from the beginning to the end. Full mixtape is available for download & also individual joints off the mixtape................

  1. SplashJosh - First Chapter (Prod. motionL)
  2. SplashJosh - What's life (Prod. woske)
  3. SplashJosh - Heart of a soldier (Prod. Juvi)
  4. SplashJosh - Lost Gardner (Prod. Juvi)
  5. SplashJosh - Bitter Truth (Prod. woske)
  6. SplashJosh -Only God knows (Prod woske)
  7. SplashJosh - Real low (Prod woske)
  8. SplashJosh - Heartbeat feat Teeklef (Prod Teeklef)
  9. SplashJosh - Cheap love (Prod.b-kan)
  10. SplashJosh - Fake lives *Official Version* (Prod MotionL/Jake)
  11. SplashJosh - Letter to success (Prod. Ryan)
  12. SplashJosh - Close ya windows (Prod. Woske)
  13. SplashJosh - Love again (Prod. X.l.t)
  14. SplashJosh - Pray (Prod. X.l.t)
  15. SplashJosh - Goodbye (New me). (Prod. Woske)

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