Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mission BiG : 3 Ways To Discover Who You Are


Perhaps one of the greatest journeys that you'll ever take is the one that leads you to the discovery of who you God created you to be. You have a unique personality and skill set that God has given you. Many young people fail to realize all that God has made them to be. Here are 3 things to remember in this exciting journey.

1. You will be incomplete without Christ. Maybe you recall the memorable scene in Jerry McGuire when Tom finds his wife whom he had been separated from earlier and says to her, "You complete me". Just as God puts two people together in marriage, you are to be married to Christ. Without that ongoing relationship with Jesus, you will always come up short.

2. Study carefully what God has said about you. The bible is full of scriptures that describe the attributes and character that He has for you as a person. The word of God is like a mirror (James 1:23). When you look at it and commit to do it, you take on the character of God.

3. Talk to family and friends about your unique personality. Many times other people see things in us that we fail to recognize. You may be a great organizer, leader, giver, creator or helper, and people around you will see that more quickly than you most of the time.