Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Like every big company, Frisch started with an idea, of four young men CHUKWUDALU ORAJIAKU, MACFOY LOTANNA, LADIPO WILLIAMS & PHILIP OKOJIE, who have always seen the big picture. Like every idea, it became a dream and now has materialised into a reality called FRISCH. FRISCH is a German word meaning FRESH. The name was chosen because of the vision they had for the company, they chose a German word because the German way of working is really something to imitate, and they chose the word fresh because in life, the only constant thing is change, in other words, fresh(FRISCH) ideas. FRISCH was established with a vision of building a business empire which every Nigerian will be proud of. Coming into the business industry, they have outlined so many ideas starting from the entertainment and art industry, cutting through the buying and selling industry and wherever money is to be made. Nigeria is a country full of youths with potential and we are here to harness such potential to make it a win-win affair and open Nigeria up to the world showcasing what Nigeria as a developing nation has to offer. They have everything planned out but they need the support of well meaning Nigerians to help plant this seed that one day each and everyone of them can look back and nod their heads saying “THEY HELPED MAKE THIS DREAM A REALITY”
A movement like this tells you and the world at large that there are young Nigerians willing to take part in lucrative activities if given the opportunity to do exploits and not involving themselves in fraudulent activities.


  1. This is the main issh....... We are at their back a 100%!!!

  2. We are grateful...... We hope to get to your level of greatness!!! and by GOD's grace surpass it