Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Kidbuzy Tha Sorcerer

Well, we caught up with Kidbuzy Tha Sorcerer (@kidbuzy) and here's what went down.

Recess : Hi! So tell us your name, both your real name and stage name.

Kidbuzy : Ololade Ayanwale also known as Kidbuzy, fondly called kidbuzy tha sorcerer. The name was given to me by a childhood friend.

Recess : Asides from music, what do you do ?

Kidbuzy : Hmmmm.. Nothing else, just music.

Recess : So tell us a little about yourself.

Kidbuzy : I was born dec. 13 1993,I'm single,in my first year in the University Of Lagos,I love football and music,I'm from a family of 4 kids.

Recess : What inspires you ?

Kidbuzy : I get inspired by people and things around me.
Recess : Where do you see yourself in the future?

Kidbuzy : I hope to become something big and also
a role model.  
Recess : Simple fact about yourself.
Kidbuzy : I love video games to the point of addiction 
Recess : If you could be anybody atall for a day, who ? 
and why?

Kidbuzy : That would be Lil'Wayne because of his
achievements and he inspires me
a lot.
Recess : Any shout-outs or dedications ?
Kidbuzy : Big shout-out to God, my family and most 
especially my team "Leej gang". 
AUDIO DOWNLOAD LINK   >> Draped Up - Kidbuzy