Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mission BiG : 3 Keys To Motivating Yourself To Do Difficult Things

The easy things come easy, don't they? Its easy to be motivated to play our favorite sport, shop at our favorite store, eat our favorite dessert. But how do we motivate ourselves to do the hard things like the day-to-day work at school or home, regular exercise, eating right, or any activity that you know you should do, but everything inside you says "NO"? Here are keys I've picked up along the way yo motivate myself.

  • JUST START. There is something magical about forcing yourself to "turn the ignition key" and get things going. It will give you that little bit of momentum to get rolling in the right direction. Make yourself start.
  •  KEEP THE END RESULT IN MIND. The bible says "Where there's no vision, the people perish." If you don't remind yourself why you're working, exercising, praying, reading, etc., it will become to easy to quit. Motivate yourself with a vision of what this activity is going to accomplish.
  •  REWARD YOURSELF. Create some kind of reward that you are going to give yourself for completing this task or  activity. It might be watching your favorite show, getting a smoothie, taking a nap, or something else you like to do. God rewards us for doing right, so why not reward yourself