Saturday, 4 June 2011

SPOTLIGHT : Crimson Records

Crimson Records, a group of talented Nigerian youths. Crimson records is an upcoming label with Tosin Clegg a.k.a Nicky Wonda as its C.E.O and Akinpelu Olalekan a.k.a Dominus as its V.C.E.O. Recess hooked up with them and here's what went down.

Recess: What are you Names? like both your real names and stage names?

Crimson : Sir Tosin Clegg-Nicky Wonda
Akinpelu Olalekan Waheed - Dominus
Chunedu Raymond Eluamaka - Lil Trim
Francis Oluwatobi Clegg - Nexkid
Adenuga David Aina - Dyce

Recess : Tell us a little about yourselves ?

Crimson : Sir Tosin Clegg : 19, single, Lasu(200L) Mass Com,Tourism. CEO,Crimson Records.



Dominus : 
18,single,fresh out of high school,dancing and a lilttle rap. I'm a very rare specie n i love making friends. Publicist (Crimson Records).
Lil Trim : 17, single, fresh out of high school, writing songs, playing football and swimming. Rapper/Producer (Crimson Records).
Nexkid : 16,single and fresh out of high school. I Love music and travelling. Singer,Crimson Records.

Dyce : 16,single and fresh out of high school. I love dancing, singing and writing songs. Singer(Crimson Records).

Recess : Asides from music, what do you guys do?

Crimson : Sir Tosin Clegg :  writer, speaker and  student.
Dominus : producer and  student.
Lil Trim, Dyce and Nexkid(athletics) are Students.

Recess : What inspires you ?

Crimson : Sir Tosin Clegg- God and Life
Dominus- The society and the world at large
Lil Trim- Listen to Drake and Lil Wayne.
Nexkid- When i listen to Wizkid i get inspired.
Dyce- The World at Large.

Recess : Where do you see yourselves in the future?

Crimson : Sir TC- a Big Entrepreneur.
Dominus- as the world best producer and civil engineer to reconstruct nigeria.
Lil Trim, Nexkid and Dyce see themselves as multiple award winning artistes under Crimson Records.

Recess : If you could be anybody atall for a day, who and why?

Crimson : Sir TC - ruler of UK because i love Royalty.
Dominus- Fela a.k.a baba 70. If i could be him i'm going to make a great hit.
Lil Trim- i would love to be Drake because of the his lyrical flow.
Nexkid- i would love to be Wizkid because he has got swag, he is cute and i love his pattern of music.
Dyce- Jason Derulo because he is a wonderful singer.

Recess : Simple fact about yourself, shout - outs or dedications?

Crimson : Sir TC is selfless and shoutout to my family and the ever beautiful African women.
Dominus is a ladies man,love doing new stuffs. Don't like deceit and backbitting. I'm wonderful and i'm just me. Shout out to all upcoming naija artistes, friends and all Crimson fam,one love.
Lil Trim is cute and lovable. Shoutout to all my fans in Gidi and all over the world(yezzir)
Nexkid is cute, friendly and kind of shy. Much love to my friends, Crimson fam, love you all. (Peace)
Dyce is awonderful singer and shoutout to all the girls and fans, especially Bukky.

You can follow 'em on Twitter :  Crimson Records