Saturday, 25 June 2011


Recess : What are your names?

A-Q : Gilbert Ubani
Stage name - A-Q
The name A-Q is a simple abbreviation
A= Answer
- = to the
Q = Question
Therefore A-Q stands for "Answer to the Question".

There are a lot of questions in hiphop, who's the best, what's hiphop and what's not, what's real and what's not etc. I intend to be the answer to all those questions in hiphop.

Recess : Tell us a little about yourself.

 I'm 26 yrs old, a  University Of Lagos graduate. I'm single and I love playing chess and basket ball
I'm the last of 6 kids, lost 2 siblings so we're 4 now, currently signed to my own label Hustle Inc started by I and my elder brother

3. Asides from music, What do you do?

Aside from music I do what ever gets me money lol just started my own clothing brand "GodBless the Hustle" clothing made by O'daniel clothing (ODC) and I also own a label so yeah that's what I do.

Recess: What inspires you?

A-Q : My inspiration comes from everything that happens to me and happens around me, how I'm feeling has a lot to do with my music, if I'm happy I make happy music if I'm said I make sad music, if I'm inlove I make love songs if I'm heart broken I make heart break songs etc

Recess : Where do you see yourself in the future?

A-Q : In the nearest future I see my self as an entertainment mogul crossing over from just music to fashion, movies , commercials, events and artiste management etc in order words I see my self as a multi millionaire.

Recess : If you could be anybody atall for a day, who and why?

A-Q : If I could be anybody for a day I would be me cos I am my own biggest fan so I never let myself down

Recess : Simple fact about yourself?

A-Q : I'm a determined, intelligent, emotional standup man

Recess : Any Shout-outs or dedications?

 A-Q : I want to shout out to my label mate and gifted singer Xtrim, my team X.O Hardxt, Chris and Charles Mokhai, O'daniel etc the list goes on and on.

P.S : A-Q has been in the game for 10 years.