Thursday, 7 July 2011

18 Bars For A One Night Stand By Mad Dragon

Damn! Am just looking in her eyes
Trying to write A story but distracted by her thighs 
I know she's wild like a lynx so ama give her good loving 
And Friday night lights she's gat me balling hard like a spalding 

Like that purple she's gat me so far gone
her heart beats like music to my ears with my dre's on
Girl! I can make ur bed rock cuz ur pretty like velma
No need to lie 2 me am breathe taking 
Like ur ass ma (asthma)
She said give me no love , just sex , no calls , just text
So like a boomerang am always on some old shit no sweat
Lady! Ur niccahs need sexual healing like marvin
cur they on some gay shit
The love i gat for u is profound . I mean it
Am no muscle man like Lincon borrows 
But let me be ur Scofield and break u out ur sorrows
I define u in one word thats Imaculate cur ur the best
Ur a pain in my heart thats caged in my chest
Try to read my mind and get lost in my world
She invited me in her maize now am lost in ur girl
Her body is a weapon cos her dress is so lethal
Naughty by nature so i fuck with everyday people
And you know i play boss but i aint talking bout the mob
Cos that girl gat me feeling like a full time slob

#TeamKoolkiddMusic        Twitter: @iamkoolkiddleon  @madragon_ent


  1. Koolkid I taught u well ma boy.pretty impressive

  2. thomas t.u.b.e7 July 2011 at 21:38

    Lyk i hv always said koolkids do koll stuff.kip kip dude nd thanks 2 ∂ is out

  3. Hmmmmm...ur getting beta ma boy.nice piece‎​

  4. Dis guy dey 'SPIT' okare omo yii LOL