Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Once upon a time he was an unsure upcoming producer & singer; holding tight to a day job, and auditioning for talent hunt shows. He watched as many friends got record deals, travelled to Lagos and
overseas; he watched as they made it big; buying flashy cars and building houses.
Now all that has changed, Thanks to back-to-back hits the fans have favoured, thanks to album sales
and performance engagements, Duncan, the one-time up comer is now a bona fide star.
Investigations by Nigerian Entertainment Today across the country shows that Duncan Mighty currently sits on top of the A league; with a bestselling album and truck load of hits. The only other act who comes close is Wizkid who’s also in high demand right now.

Most importantly, in Port Harcourt, where he’s domiciled, Mighty is apparently a big deal.
Residents who spoke with us admit he has everyone eating from his palms; and is currently rated ‘far higher than "Timaya" according to our findings. Of course Duncan Mighty is the rave right now. He’s taken over from Timaya‘ a label executive told us.
Timaya was the ‘King of the South South‘ for years; launching out into prominence with the Odi-centric materials that drew national attention to the unfortunate Odi massacre. But over the
years, his image has been battered by multiple controversies portraying him as an exuberant celebrity at
best. Wars with the media left him scarred, and his last album performed below par.
It’s not surprising he’s lost that throne to Duncan, who many say, is a more disciplined musician,
gifted producer and far more popular with fans and the local media.
‘People like Duncan and Waconzy are the future‘ a fan tells us. Timaya has been very lucky and
blessed, but he will have to work extra hard to reclaim the number one spot.
Residents tell us Timaya is in fact, ‘no longer considered a PH act’, since he’s moved to Lagos; but that ‘he’s still very much loved’.
Port Harcourt is home to many gifted acts, most of them well established in the Niger Delta region,
with huge followership, before eventually breaking into the South East and South-West.
Popular names include M-trill, De Indispensables, Korkormikor, Frank D’Nero, Tha Ibz, Mr 2Kay, Lyrical, Specimen & Chyme HD.