Saturday, 9 July 2011

Exclusive Interview With D'Banj

This is an exclusive interview D'Banj granted reporter, Michael Alonge. I took out the interesting parts. He answered questions about his relationship with Genevieve. 

Q: When do plan to settle down?
D'Banj: When I see the right person
Q: How would you know the right person
D'Banj: If I see I will know
Q: How about Genevieve?
D'Banj: We're not...(pause) why do you people keep calling Genevieve? That's a long time, we've even got over that. I am single and searching.
Q: Have you talked to God about searching for a wife?

D'Banj: Of course
Q: Why hasn't he answered you?
D'Banj: Who says he hasn't answered me? You never know when it come to relationship. Your best friend might be your wife and you might still be searching. It might be a person that I have dated before or a new person. But I believe God will do it at the right time.
Q: Do you think when you finally get married you will cheat on your wife?
D'Banj: I don't know. I don't think about that but my dad never cheated on my mum
Q: Are you planning to follow his footsteps?
D'Banj: I'm not planning to but I came from him, I must have something in common with him. When I get married, I will know. Right now, I don't.
Q: How do you manage your female fans?
D'Banj: I don't really have many female fans
Q: What do you do when girls throw themselves at you?
D'Banj: They are usually prevented and I don't get to see them because my people around me near me but if I see you and get to like you, then something might go down. It's up to me to decide...
Q: So you don't have a girlfriend?
D'Banj: No, I don't. But that don't mean I don't F**k!
Q: How many sunglasses do you have?
D'Banj: I have more than 100 of it. Mostly designers
Q: What will you never be caught doing?
D'Banj: Fight over a woman. I will never do that!

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