Friday 29 July 2011


Few weeks back, we brought you a report that star actress Uche Iwuji has been grounded by her boyfriend who has remained unknown.
Uche herself made the revelation when she turned down invitations to different events, declaring that her fiancé had frowned at her incessant appearance at public functions.
But last week, the controversial actress made a sudden appearance at an event but she displayed an attitude that surprised those who noticed her and made people wonder what she wanted to achieve by that.

At the end of the event, Uche refused to leave the venue when others were going to their various homes and practically told friends who wanted to leave with her to go without her.
Those who noticed thought she was waiting behind to help the organizers pack up only to realize that Uche was actually waiting for a top politician who was present at the event.
Her game became obvious as she followed the middle aged man to every corner and finally stood beside his seat.
The light skinned actress remained at the bar of the event venue till 11pm waiting for the politician who was having a good time with some green bottles.
It was a shocker to people who realized that the English Language and Literature graduate of the University of Lagos was still playing the same game that has made her notorious in the past.
When the man who is said to be a newly elected Senator finally rounded up, he and Uche sneaked out of the bar late that night.
Recall that few months back, this actress was alleged to be pregnant for a European based married man and allegedly had a miscarriage.
Insiders equally told us that the pretty actress lost her Toyota Yaris car in an auto crash few weeks back and that she might be working out things to acquire another car.