Saturday, 30 July 2011


Global News Magazine’s Story About J Martins Being Gay (Unedited) When we saw the headline on the current edition of the Global News magazine, our reaction was why, how, when, with whom and so on. Since we have no way of proving the story and to satisfy the curiosity of readers, we have decided to post the story word-for-word, with all kudos and knocks be exclusively for the magazine.
“The very impression of anybody about him will be that of a perfect man who will only do what other guys like him would do. Justice Okey Martins popularly known as J Matins may be many things in industry but not a perfect man if the story filtering in about him is anything to go by in the culture of morals.

Information reaching us about this artist who is a native of Ohafia in Abia state is that the man who many believed is one of the most decent Nigerian music star when the issue is about women, may even be worse than that his peers in the industry are doing to the opposite sex.
The story making round is that the ‘’OYOYO’’ crooner allegedly has more passion for his male counterparts than the female. The immoral act simply known as homosexuality. A source alleged that he is not always comfortable in the midst of women, though he pretends to be so that many people won’t know what he is up to. Further learnt that he is the female, which account for the way he cat walks like a woman. Sources also said that his new found wealth and affluent lifestyle emanate from his sexual proclivity, because he is pampered with expensive gifts of cash and other material things by the influence of rich male friends in the country.
His frequent trips outside from his music career are alleged to be an avenue to meet with his friends scattered across the country. When probing further, the source said he is discreet about it and he always denies it whenever anything about his dirty lifestyle is mentioned because of the way many people will view it. But he knows very well who he is.
Do you remember the song; “won je k’abiola se j’oba to fi’ku o..ah ah, a dupe won gbe f’obasanjo o..toori”