Thursday, 28 July 2011

Peter and Paul Okoye Open Up About Each Other

In an interview with Encomium magazine, the brothers open up about each other.

Peter on Paul - "Paul is a reserved person. Sometimes anything I like he likes, and sometimes he will disagree and there's nothing you can tell him. When he says yes, it's final. And when he says no, no going back. If you convince me, I will accept what you say, but not Paul. People say Paul is quiet, Peter is loud. This is very normal, because we can't be the same. Some people prefer to meet him, while others say it is me they want to see.
We have a lot of disagreements but it's usually over music. Paul is someone I am proud of. I remember when we had the game over album, and we were to select our best five, I am going to be honest with you, I didn't Do Me and No One Like You but Paul did and at the end of the day, the two songs became the best in that album. Paul on Peter: Peter is a perfectionist, especially when it comes to music. He is entertaining and energetic. But I can also tell you he is a loud person. He raises his voice on something that shouldn't be. I am sure he will tell you that I am quiet. I don't talk. I think a lot. I will say the difference between us is that I am quiet and reserved, while Peter is the opposite. For instance emotional, soft songs like Ifunanya, No One Like You, Possibility, Forever etc, are the kind of songs that came from me, and all the energetic songs like Roll It, Busy Body etc are from Peter. Our attitudes affect the type of songs we bring out.