Sunday, 31 July 2011

Viral Video : Sauce Kid - Bars R Us

Hawt ish coming from the Mr Sinzu is Sinzu. A viral video from his Mixtape [Da RiPOFF] titled ''Bars R Us''.
I mean you need to watch this one if you a true Hip Hop Fan. With sick flowz like :
''I'm on my 5th year / so i shift to my 5th Gear''
''If you dont know how to spit still then sit still''
''Heavy on my sinzu sinzu / i am in the zone now''
''god father flow / i flow like i am al capone now
''Dope Beat Heroin flow / i am in the Zone now''

I think upcoming Rappers should learn from this dude. Plus a little advice, if you coming up in the Game make sure you have 100 Bars strong of flowz down. Then you put this Bars together and you get Bars R US ,ya Dig?