Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Why Bishop Oyedepo Disgraced Dbanj In Church

During a Youth Programme at Covenant University the General Overseer of Living Faith Church worldwide AKA Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo refused to be swayed by all the razzmatazz of Dapo Oyebanjo popularly known as D'banj of the Mohits crew, when they came in contact. 
It was learnt that D'banj who was recently contacted to perform at a Youth Programme in Covenant University where the Bishop was also a special guest of honour, was introduced by the MC to mount the stage for his performance, only for D'banj to appear on stage in his signature bling-bling to introduce his song, but unfortunately for him the highly respected and no-nonsense Bishop Oyedepo did not hesitate to stop him.

Eye witness account, was that the Bishop's gesture took everyone by surprise when he ordered the 'Fall in Love' crooner to stop his performance.
It was also learnt that the Bishop told D'banj to remove the entire bling on his neck and to be cautious of what he says on the platform .
Although Bishop Oyedepo uttered the warning to D'banj jokingly, but trust me every word he said to the KoKo Master was not to be taken jokingly...because he sure meant every word.
It is a known fact that D' banj songs are full of Koko this and Koko that, and I'm damm sure that was exactly what he was about to do.
Else what were they expecting the KoKo Master to sing in the church?


  1. I think the fault lies on the organizer, that was a bad combination. D'banj,a worldly musician to a Bishop, both invited to the same church programme."a very big error".

  2. The program host are at big fault. D'banj is a worldly singer and Bishop Oyedepo a Gospel Preacher. They should had reasoned before inviting him, although all fault would have gone to the Bishop, but i think he was trying to save a soul. From Gift Ndu

  3. D'bang i will say thank you for honouring the invitation, and a big thank you to Papa For trying to save a soul. D'banj sing gospel music, we will Buy

  4. I agree with Tessy... Cuz its like adding salt and vinegar to water or even putting a demon and an angel in the same room... We all know it wont go well... I am not trying to call Dbanj a demon here o

  5. Cioa I think the bishop did the right tin, because no matter wat prestige or riches any one have got, we just need to respect God and am sure dbanj understands the bishops plite. Its not really a big deal, its just a way of resounding morals in the church. But then the organizers didint do the right thing.

  6. The organizer is not born again. How can a worldly musician be invited to perform in a christian gathering. Bishop u win my support.