Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Banky W Apologises For Cancelled EME American Tour, To Refund Tickets

The Empire World Tour, which was supposed to start on June 24, 2011 has been cancelled for undisclosed reasons. Banky W released a statement via twitter.
‎'As far as the EME tour goes… it hurts me to say we tried our very best to pull it off. We did everything we were supposed to. Twice. Truth is, there were some issues that are beyond our control, and we kept pushing, trying to resolve 'em. We worked hard and spent a sh*t load of money in the process… but it wasn't under our control.
In any case, we're STILL working on resolving said issues. And the minute they are, we'll launch a couple of make up dates immediately. I want to give a shoutout to all the fans who have been so patient with us. I promise, we're trying our very best. It sucks but we're trying. They say "U live and U learn". We've learnt too many painful lessons from this whole experience. We'll be back stronger in Jesus Name.
If you bought tickets already, ur entitled to a full refund. Trust me we'd rather be rocking with u than losing money, so pls understand. And lastly, we will resolve these issues we're having. And the minute we do, we'll put together a couple of make up dates. I'll be the first to let you know when that's happening, I promise'. Thank you, I'm very very sorry. But I promise we'll make it up. Stick with us we'll make this work.