Thursday, 11 August 2011


Following the controversy generated by the release of Terry G and Danny Young’s new singles, Danny Young’s management company has decided to issue an official statement to avoid unnecessary rumours and set the record straight. Danny Young and his crew are not happy that Terry G betrayed them by stealing the concept of their song.
Danny Young’s management explained that the song in dispute; Eli Jah was originally recorded by Danny Young as one of the songs billed to feature on his next album. His path and that of Rocksteady, another artiste signed to 2Face Idibia’s Hypertek Records crossed at Elegushi Beach where 2Face Idibia and Danny Young headlined a particular show. Right there at Elegushi Beach, Danny Young and Rocksteady agreed to record a song together on Danny Young’s next album. The day the song was supposed to be recorded, Danny Young put a call across to Rocksteady and he told Danny Young he was at Terry G’s house located in the same neighborhood where Danny Young resides. Danny Young and his crew immediately left for Terry G’s house with a copy of the song so that Rocksteady could listen.
Danny Young’s manager, K Lala stated that they met DJ Bombastic (a popular radio DJ with Rainbow FM in Lagos) and Sideone (an artiste) in Terry G’s house. “We played the song and everybody there including Terry G fell in love with the song. They all prospected that the song would turn out to be a massive hit and Terry G admitted that he hadn't heard any song quite like it and indicated his interest to be featured on the song as well. We resolved to feature Terry G and Rocksteady on the song since we had previously considered the option of working with Terry G too. Based on this deliberation, Terry G later requested for the data of the said song claiming that he wanted to add some baselines on the production. Everybody there including Sideone and DJ Bombastic admitted that the beat was okay as produced by Danny Young but Terry G insisted that he had a different idea. In good faith, Danny sent the data to him to work on and also to record his own verse which was supposed to be the second verse. That was the last we heard of him before we travelled for some engagements in Dubai, Singapore and Kenya. He avoided our meeting before we travelled not knowing that he had another game plan”.
K Lala continued that while “we were still outside the country, people who had listened to the Song aside DJ Bombastic, Sideone and Rocksteady called us that Terry has released Danny Young’s song and they were wondering if he actually gave it out or sold it to him. We decided not to do anything till we return to Nigeria. When we got to Nigeria, we immediately repackaged the song and release it with some punch lines against Terry G on the second verse which was supposed to be his verse on the track. The song was not actually supposed to be out now because we recorded it for the album. We were supposed to drop the singles we shot videos for on our trip. But because Terry G had already released the song, we didn’t have any choice than to release ours and tell the whole world our story. We have witnesses and we are very happy with the way they have all come out so far to defend our claims. One of the artistes present at our meeting that day even warned us not to give the data to Terry G but we trusted him as a friend and a colleague not knowing that he is very mischievous”.
For now, Danny Young will not grant interviews nor talk about Terry G’s betrayal till he is out with his fresh materials which will soon be released. He will release new singles and videos which was his original plan to promote his next album. Danny Young’s manager, K Lala said they are not ready to join issues with Terry G. “Even though we are aware that this is not the first time he will be involved in such scandal, we are not ready to join issues with him because we don’t need controversy around Danny Young at the moment.”