Friday, 12 August 2011

Game Criticizes "Watch The Throne," Jokes About Jay-Z's Fertility

Game rates "Watch the Throne" and says he doesn't hate Jay-Z before joking about how "Beyonce ain't pregnant."
Compton, California's Game recently voiced his opinion on Watch the Throne, the collaborative project between Kanye West and Jay-Z and took a few shots at Jigga. In the interview with Jenny Boom Boom, the R.E.D. emcee gave credit to Kanye, called himself "The Bi-Polar Bear" and said he didn't exactly hate Jay-Z, though he made a joke about his fertility.
"It's a good 7," he said of Watch the Throne. "Well, you know 6 points went to Kanye."
Soon after this statement, he was questioned about his perceived animosity towards Jay-Z, something Game denied.
"Nah, I don't hate Jay-Z," he noted. "I've got every album from Reasonable Doubt to Watch the Throne."
Game added that he "just felt like" releasing "Uncle Otis," the industry dis track that featured shots at Jay. He said he was more upset by the fact that he couldn't find a full instrumental of the original track, which fueled his disses. Game also noted that he was not afraid of burning bridges between himself and Hov, adding that he won't need him in the future.
"I'm gonna need Jay-Z?" he asked. "I'm good. I'm not going to need anybody. All I need is God, my family."
Before the interview ended, Game also made a joke regarding Jay-Z's fertility, saying that he may not be able to have kids, adding a jab about how "Beyonce ain't pregnant." Though he may not have used the word "sterile" correctly, his joke followed one about Jay-Z impregnating the show's host.
"I don't know. Jay-Z don't seem too sterile," he said in a joking manner. "Beyonce ain't pregnant."
During the interview, Game also calls himself "The Bi-Polar Bear" and praises "Welcome to the Jungle." He also seems to joke about his new album not competing with Watch the Throne.
"It's not going to be better than Watch the Throne," he said. "I can't compete, but The R.E.D. Album is pretty decent. It's going to sound like Lil Zane's first album.

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