Sunday, 14 August 2011

International Promo : DEE

Dywane Smith, also known as DEE to the rap game, was born into the music on April 8, 1988. Not long after his birth, he knew exactly what his passion was; to do music and become an entrepreneur. Although he grew up in the small town of Georgetown, GA, where talent is short-lived and very scarce, he never let that detour him from his goals.
His father, a well-known local DJ, influenced his musical side and help him to see how much time, effort and dedication one must take to perfect a craft. When times were hard, Dee was never the one to focus on the negative, he would just write his problems away. The writings eventually turned into songs that would reveal the deepest sides of his personality. His father noticed his potential enough to help him to produce and record his first song out of an Atlanta, GA studio. Although the song would never get any major attention, Dee didn’t let that stop him from learning more about production, recording, and engineering. He let that experience fuel his drive to be greater.

Since recording his first track, he has worked to build up his own brand Ground-Zero Productions, which features most of his self-produced tracks with help from others. He has also help to CEO Chasin’ Millions Ent with his childhood friend Kemario “Mr. South Street” McFolley. This leverage has helped DEE to release many new songs, work on numerous albums and mixtapes and also create cutting edge production for him and his artist.
When asked what does he expected to accomplish in music, he stated “Just makin’ it in the music business won’t be good enough; I want to be remember as one of the greatest artist of my generation.” This should let anyone know that DEE does not plan to stop anytime soon and that the grind to shine lives on.

"She Say" featuring Jay Roxwell & L.B. -

"Theme Song" featuring Mr. South Street

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