Thursday, 4 August 2011


Top singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has finally spoken on how she tried to save her marriage to Marc Anthony from breaking until they finally had to go their separate ways. 
In her first interview after the break up, the mother of twin – Max and Emme the product of the marriage to singer Marc Anthony granted Vanity Fair magazine, she explained how she worked so hard to preserve the marriage. In her words, "That (marriage) was my biggest dream, and I really worked hard at it. We both did. Sometimes it doesn't work – and that's sad. But I remain an eternal optimist about love. I believe in love".
She further adds "It's not that I didn't love myself before. Sometimes we don't realise that we are compromising ourselves. To understand that a person is not good for you, or that that person is not treating you in the right way, or that he is not doing the right thing for himself – if I stay, then I am not doing the right thing for me. I love myself enough to walk away from that now."
Jennifer also admits that her career may have been the weak point of the marriage but says he has not giving up on finding a lasting love.
Jennifer Lopez had been with Ben Affleck, then P Diddy before finally settling down with Marc Anthony who we thought was her finally bus stop. They were married for seven years!