Wednesday, 10 August 2011

LIMELIGHT : SolidDrop (B.A.R.S)

B.A.R.S is a rap group made up of 3 young fellas Goon B, Soliddrop and Kidd_Sadiku. They are all currently students of Babcock University and are signed under one of Naija's fast rising acts, Baron G.
ROnline's favourite, MKay got chatting with one of them, SolidDrop & here's what went down.
MKay : First of all, INTRODUCE Yourself??
SDrop : My name is Oluwatope Lamai. A Student Of Babcock University. 17 years old. Yeah!
Thats it
MKay : What's your hustle been like??
SDrop : Its been really dope. But the stress has been crazy lately .
Mkay : Asides from music, what else do you do?
SDrop : Nothin' else cause am a student
MKay : And how do you balance the both of 'em???
SDrop : Wooh! Its been really hard o. Much harder than I thought. Cause shows might clash with
And there is little or no time to read . But God dey. lol
MKay : Ok. So talking about family, do your parents support you?
SDrop : Mumsy does but popsy is just neutral. U know how it goes
MKay :  The Ladies? How do you handle 'em?
SDrop : Hahaha knew we would come to this. God dey
MKay :  Lol. What inspires you??
SDrop : Life basically. Cause I rap about what I see. What I know & what I feel.
MKay : Any mentors?? Fav. Artistes??
SDrop : Oh I looove J.cole mehn. Bt I don't have a mentor.
MKay : What are your hobbies?
SDrop : Hmmm.... hobbies. Mehn there is nothing oo . Except maybe recording. Recording songs.
MKay : Since you started makin' music, do you feel anything has changed about you?
SDrop : Well I realized I don't give people the attention I used to. Most of my friends & all that. But
its NOT my fault & I hope they understand that. And there is also that tendency to get proud but
I tame that.
MKay : Describe your personality in one sentence.
SDrop : Well i'm a capricorn
MKay : What do you think about the growth of youth entertainment in Naija???
SDrop : Yeah! Its improving phenomenally . But the thing is everbody wants to rap cos theey feel
its the swag or something. But its cool to let everybody do their thing. One other thing is if you
don't have connections whether you are good or not you won't go further than your school or house.
MKay : Where do you see yourself in a couple of years??
SDrop : Am sorry I don't have the answer to that question only God does.
MKay : *thumbs up*
SDrop : *smiles*
MKay : Should we be expecting anything from you anytime soon??
SDrop : ​Yep! a new joint. Called "Bars Tonite" produced by Twik
MKay : Shout-outs?
SDrop : S/O Goon B, Sadiku, Stapes, Dejinoro, Dirty -A & The whole Mokey fam. We do this !
MKay : Thanks for your time.
#PS DOWNLOAD B.A.R.S – Over Time

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  1. PenG!This is just dope especially the soliddrop guy with his dope lines...I hope they make it bigg in the closest future...