Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mercy Johnson Is Distraught

It is a known fact by now that there are issues on the forthcoming wedding of star actress Mercy Johnson. The man she plans to marry unknowing to her has a wife and two children. For the record, reliable sources close to mercy inform that Prince Odianose Okogie lied to Mercy that what she did with Lovely was a fake marriage for paper purposes and that he only had one child not two from Lovely.
Now events has revealed that all he told Mercy was a blatant lie. Because if the marriage was fake, why was he filing for divorce and on the divorce matter, it is so unfortunate that it was early this morning (Saturday) that Mercy got to know that there is a divorce case in a court of Law in Nigeria.
He also said the earlier picture pasted online were pictures he took to legalise the status of his child, but this were all lies he told in bid to cover up his treacherous ways.
While people are insinuating that it is probably Mercy's money that Odi is interested in, sources close to Mercy says she is distraught, sad and thinking of calling off the wedding if she hasn’t called it off already. Odi’s parents and family members are begging Mercy not to call off the wedding but she is yet to give them any response.
Enquiries were made to Bigsam Media about the cancellation of the wedding and the response was that they will get back to us on latest development on the matter.