Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mercy Johnson Vows To Stop The Provocative Dressing.

In a recent interview, Mercy Johnson vows to stop being provocative, she said “You can see me now, I’m all covered up,” she says. “I’ve started doing that; if you watch my recent movies, I’ve cut down on a lot of things.The normal Mercy Johnson will go all out as a single girl; I’ll not do that now and I’ve started since last year by cutting down on dressing, acting, all of them; you can dress like this (examining herself) and show nothing.”
“It’s the movies; it’s make-believe. It’s about portraying a character perfectly for people to understand. If I wear bump shorts in the movies (I’m sure nobody has seen me wear bump short outside), it’s all for the movies. The director won’t tell me to wear an aso oke when I’m playing a campus girl; it is just for the job. Everything I do on stage, I’m an extremist and when I do my thing, I know people complain a lot, ‘Oh, she did this, she did that,’ but I’ve never seen anybody fault my acting.
“Even in my clothes, I work on myself, I try to perfect it. It is just about perfection, trying to bring it out the way it ought to be, not trying to spite anybody or make my gender embarrassed by my action. It’s just basically to portray a particular character I’m being paid to do. It’s not meant to seduce guys.”