Saturday, 6 August 2011


Mrs Lovely Okojie, the legal wife of Mercy Johnson’s husband-to-be ( What a mess) is not letting down. According to a message received from her,  she said her husband Prince Odianosen Okojie told her he is a business partner of Mercy Johnson. Lovely claimed she wasn’t aware that our Sexy actress is dating her legal husband. Below is a recent message Mrs Lovely Okojie released in the email: 
"A lot of people are saying where have i been all this while, well he made me believe that he didn’t have anything to do with Mercy Johnson, that they were just business partners, I was surprised to see all Mercy’s statement that they have been dating for long.
I then called Odianosen’s parents but they told me they don’t know any Mercy Johnson that I shouldn’t bother myself. I was sort of relieved and believed everything was actually fine until I started hearing about a wedding."

Interestingly, the groom-to-be was believed to have started a divorce proceeding against his wife on the ground of insulting him. Based on Lovely’s statement, the judge informed her husband that mere couples fight as well as offence isn’t a justified reason to begin the divorce. This case has been adjourned until the 9th of August, 2011.
My humble advice for Mercy Johnson is to respect herself and leave the man alone. Is marriage by force, can’t she get another man as sexy as she is? like seriously.... :(
It will be a sad thing for my best Nollywood actress to make history by being a home destroyer / husband snatcher.