Thursday, 11 August 2011

New : Frank Ocean - Best Seller

You might think that a dude who made two cameos on Jay-Z and Kanye West's recently released collabo album, Watch The Throne, would take it easy for a second and bask in his success. Ya, no. Not Frank Ocean. Homeboy keeps churning out amazing tracks, and he hasn't even released his first official album yet. Hustla in the house.
The latest Ocean track is "Best Seller," and in typical Frank form, it's a laid-back R&B jam with intricate melodies and poignant words: "Don't try to make it a best seller, a best seller, a best seller/It ain't gon' be a best seller, a best seller."

Unlike "Thinking About You," which showcased Frank's Robin Thicke-esque falsetto, the vocals in "Best Seller" sound a bit more like Frank's first smash "Novacane," or even his Drake-esque vocals on "Dreamkilla." See? We told you he's been busy.
Now, one might interpret the song's title to mean that Frank is attempting his first novel while simultaneously trying to take the pressure off himself as he writes it. But in our opinion, the term "Best Seller" more likely refers to his forthcoming album, Nostalgia Lite (which is currently being held up due to serious record label red tape). But FYI, if Frank did want to write a novel, I'd definitely read it. Espesh if there were lots of pics of him in it.

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