Friday 5 August 2011

Still On J-Martins

Music producer cum musician, J-Martins disappointed guests at an event recently.
The undisputable king of highlife/hip-hop music in this era stormed the event in grand style and he was honoured by the organizer of the award, as Entertainer of the Year Award.
But when J-Martins came on stage to receive the award, after receiving the award, the MC of the event in person of Mc Basketmouth asked the “Good or Bad” crooner to entertain the guests and his fans to appreciate the organizer of the event.
Could you believe that J-Martins turned down the request and bluntly refused to perform. In his statement, he replied and said I'm here for the award which I have received, if they want me to perform they know how much it cost and that is another thing entirely”.
After he said this, he left the stage and quickly took his leave with his P.A who he gave the award to.
Trust MC Basketmouth for his behavior of saying his mind, he condemned the act and threw some few words at the hip-hop star.
The action took a new turn when the Dj was trying to play one of the J-Martins popular tracks,MC Basketmouth quickly ordered the DJ that he should not play any J-Martins songs at the event or else he will destroy the instrument that “ Who does J-Martins think he is? He is an ungrateful person, the award that he didn't pay a dime for instead of him to show appreciation to the organizers by singing one of his songs, he refused.”
Even after the performance of the popular new act called Vickie,an upcoming singer, the MC still asked the guests to applaud her that J-Martins should go to hell.