Thursday 8 September 2011

Alex (BBA Ghana Rep) Snubs Jay-Z

Many African designers, without doubt, will not turn down an opportunity to work with top hop hip mogul Jay Z’s Rocawear clothing line.
However, Ghana’s representative at the just-ended Big Brother Amplified reality show in South Africa, Alex Biney, has stated that he once blew such a chance.
Alex told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview that he was back home to establish his Boomaye clothing line.
Although he said Rocawear was one of the places he nurtured the dream of becoming a fashion designer, he needed to move on because of his principles in life.

“I started out doing marketing. I actually started out data entry for Rocawear but I left to pursue marketing for Russell and after that I got into fashion.
I go to work from 9am to 6pm and then after 6, I go downstairs for the fashion side where they design Phat Farm stuff and I helped out there and also learned.

So I started doing that on computer and after leaving Russell, opportunity presented itself from a clothing line called Inkslingers.

They were starting out new and they needed somebody to help them so I went on board as a marketing personnel but eventually I started designing my own stuff and became a partner of the company,” he narrated.

“The type of person I am, I’m always driven …my father always instilled in me that being the best or being excellent is not enough.

It is being excellent continuously and you can only achieve that when you wake up every day and set new challenge for yourself, so working with Jay Z’s clothing line or working with Russell was good but at the end of the day, for the person I am, I want to have my own brand.

I wanted to establish myself as a designer and I set such a goal for myself. It just motivates me to come in and perform at different levels.

Some people will see it differently but this is how I choose to see my life. I always want more,” he explained.

Besides coming home to pursue a career in the fashion industry, he also confirmed that he was entering Ghana’s growing movie industry.

“I met Lydia Forson and hopefully I will have the opportunity to work with her.

I had the pleasure to meet Jackie Appiah and she was cool.

So hopefully I can work with her. Of course, I need Nadia Buari in my life; I need her in my life man, so movie is an avenue that I wanted to tap into.

Nadia has an incredible smile that is what drew me or piqued my interest about her.

I watched her ‘Beyonce’ and ‘Who Owns Da City’ movie but I am not a Nadia fanatic.

I will definitely like to work with her,” he spoke about some of the actresses in the movie industry.

Jay Z Last Saturday, Alex was at the Exopa Fashion Café organized by the Exopa Modeling Company, in collaboration with NEWS-ONE at the Exopa Burge, as part of efforts to create some links for his fashion bid.

“I am at this event to build a relationship with Exopa and make new connections and re-establish myself in Ghana as a designer.

Already I have relationships in New York but if I can establish myself here, if I go out there it will be easy for me.”

Currently, he has created some designs and is trying them to get people’s attention.

Talking about his experience at Big Brother, Alex said the response after his return was ok, adding that it was taking him some time to realize he had been on TV.

Alex spent almost all his life in the United State of America. He spent 12 years in New York and 8 years in London. He left Ghana at the age of 2 and returned at 6 and left for New York when he was 19 and returned at 31.