Wednesday, 7 September 2011


If all goes according to the wishes of his newest love, Sandra- popular presenter of must watch programme, Who Wants To Be A Millioniare, Mr Frank Edoho should be a married man again by December 2011.Sources divulged that Sandra, the care provider and heart tender replacement for Kathrine- the wife he is on the tail end of divorce proceedings with- wants their affair to be officially tied.And she is said to be pushing for the development to come to be as soon as possible.
Though the specific reason for this urgency on the part of Sandra is yet to be confirmed- unconfirmed sources attribute it to the need to safeguard her position in Frank's world.
Investigations conducted by us revealed that contrary to believe in certain quarters, Frank and Sandra are no new lovers.
Informants claimed that the duo had been embroiled in a carefully shielded romance while the storm in Frank's marriage raged.
Insiders squealed that Sandra was the shoulder the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Presenter leaned on when trouble rocked his home.
Ironically this revelation posits Frank as guilty as his former wife, Kathrine of the crime that was the root cause of the acrimony that shredded their union- Adultery.
Investigations however revealed that while Frank's collaborator is limited to an individual- that he has gone public with- the same cannot be said of his former wife.
Findings revealed that Frank became embroiled with Sandra after the initial celebrated break up with Kathrine that was hurriedly patched up.
His new love is described as a trade shuffler between London and Nigeria.She is further identified as a mother of one- a girl.

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