Friday, 9 September 2011


Has the once golden voices of Shifi, Zeal and Tunde the tag team that made up Styl-Plus come to the end of their career?
Reason for this question is that ever since they serenaded Nigerians with songs like Olufunmi, Runaway, and Call my Name amongst others where girls cried, guys lost their beau to them while the majority of us got hooked on to their songs like addicts on some psychotics drugs, all that was years ago as today they have not been able to re-enact that spark that once made them the hottest rave in the R'n'B Genre in Nigeria and indeed the whole of Africa.
These Abuja based entertainers who have refused to join the bandwagon of entertainers relocating to Lagos has not really had it good in recent times with their last two albums being seen as a big flop.
Their last work “Unbreakable” didn't bring about the desired impact it set out to achieve.
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