Saturday, 10 September 2011


The Game Says 50 Cent is Gay! No way!!! In an interview a few days ago, The Game said there were quite a number of gay men in hip hop and insisted that they come out of the closet. Gossip website TMZ picked up the story and accused The Game of being homophobic. The rapper said he isn't homophobic, that in fact he's had a few gay friends...including 50 Cent. 50 Cent? Nooooooooooo! I don't believe it! 50 Cent is gay? The Game can look for trouble sha...but if this is true, then women are slacking o. Why are all men around turning gay? Abeg you need to step up our game quick quick. Meanwhile let's wait for 50's response....

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  1. Apparently, The Game's statement has allota BEEF in it...make d guy ParkWell !! 50cent gay?! Aftarall he has a kid and has 'fucked' lotta gehls n we heard abourrit