Friday, 16 September 2011

R-GOSSIP :::: Has Terry G Joined the Illuminati Group?

Here's what a website is reporting about Terry G, could this be true? Attention has been placed on the recent album of Nigeria's Energetic and eccentric producer and singer, Gabriel Amanyi a.k.a Terry G..Terry g who is known for a different kind of approach in his music and energetic display..The multitalented award winner recently released an album which he calls ''Terry jesus'' but named it in a different way which reads ''Terry Gzuz''...If carefully pronounced you would know that it is Pronounced as Gzuz-jesus....The issue around the streets is that the talented singer has joined the popular cult which is known as the ILLUMINATI group and that explains the reason he said fans should call him lucifa...well, mos recently the music producer and singer was noticed portraying the two fingers signs popularly known to be done by the Illuminati members...Terry G would be listed among other Nigerian acts like the Mohits crew who were also recently confronted with being a member of the group.....
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