Sunday, 18 September 2011


The recent altercation between Ghanaian actor Van Vicker and Tonto Dikeh could have gone awry if not for the mature act Van Vicker put up when Tonto Dikeh threatened to slap him if he ever called her name again.According to an eye witness, Tonto Dikeh was upset with the Ghanaian actor because he refused to join her outside so they could rehearse their scripts together when she was told she could not smoke on set. Van Vicker was said to have refused her request on the basis of the time of the day and his state of health.The following day, TD missed her lines many times and was advised by the movie director to team up Van Vicker to avert further mistakes to which Van had no objection. TD was said to have refused the offer, and when Van asked her politely that they study their scripts together, she flared up calling him unprintable names and threatened to slap him if he ever call her name again. Responding to her tantrums, Van Vicker called her name to her face and told her that; "It would not matter if you slap me 20 times, I will not hit you back because I am a man and do not beat women."Van Vicker was said to have received applause for handling the issue in a very mature manner.When asked if it was true TD threatened to slap him, Vicker responded, 'It is normal for tension to run high on location but if Tonto had hit me 20 times I would never have hit her back'.
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