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So I came across this very unusual story of one of Nigeria's hottest music crew, Choc boiz made up of MI, Jesse Jagz, Iceprince, and Brymo. For most hiphop acts, it hasn't been a smooth journey, same is the story of these five music acts called Choc boiz. They talked about how they overcame all odds on their road to fame. From how they all took the risk of quitting school for music, to coming all the way from Jos to Lagos to start music. MI never agreed he dropped out of school like Jesse Jagz did. He abandoned school because he couldn't fund his education any longer. Jesse Jagz dropped out willingly when he couldn't express his music creativity while in school. He was in 400level already studying law when he sat with his Dad and both agreed on him leaving school for music. In the case of Iceprince, he was in the process of getting into school when his music career took off. So he quit studying zoology for music. Brymo who had claimed he never regret leaving school made up his mind at 17 to start music instead. He was in his 2nd year in LASU when he left school - his Parents couldn't afford paying his fees.
MI still willing to get back to school, but as for Iceprince and Jesse Jagz, they don't belong to that 'school of thought' anymore.MI started with gospel music, listening to Jos based gospel musician, Panam Percy Paul, Ron Kennoly. And later fell in love with hiphop after listening to rapper, DMX debut album in 1997.
MI speaking about his journey to fame
"When my father was young, he had a friend called Gyang Dung. Both of them got married at the same time-they were best friends and are both pastors. And each gave birth to a male child. My father's son was born on October 1, 1981 and he was named Jude. Gyangdung's son called Jeremiah Gyang was born on the 13th of October, 1981. So I've known Jeremiah Gyang all my life. When I came
back to Nigeria, Jeremiah was already signed on to Chocolate City. And the first time Chocolate City came to look for him in Jos, at that time, we look at him like a god. At that time when he gives us twenty thousand Naira, the money was like gold to us. But gradually, Jeremiah became a star and he brought me to Lagos and Abuja for shows. I met Djinee in Enugu and that's how I met Audu and I
kicked up from there."
As for Iceprince
"The major motivation behind my success story today is M.I. Before coming to Lagos, I didn't know anybody here. I shuttled between Jos and Abuja. But M.I told us to come with him to Lagos. We came with him and it worked. The power to fight the fear of the unknown is what we had. I remember the first few months we got to Lagos. I used to sleep on the carpet and didn't have a place to stay. It was Djinee who housed us. I didn't know who I was going to see. I didn't know what to expect. In fact, I didn't even know I was going to be this successful. All I had was the passion for what I do. I followed it and here I am. M.I even suffered more than we did. Before I joined him in Lagos, he'd already moved over to Djinee's house. But before then, they were squatting with some other guys. We all went through that phase and paid our dues and it wasn't like he brought me to Lagos and left me to suffer. We hustled to survive."
Brymo on how he met with Chocolate City
"After the break I had between 2008/2009, early 2010, I got a call from Denrele who was a presenter with SoundCity. He told me that M.I wanted to see me. So I got a phone number and called. I called and he asked me to come to the house. When I got there, I met Jesse who told me M.I travelled. So Jesse told me he was trying to put something together and that I should join him. So I recorded my first song with Jesse called Love You inside Jag Of All Trade album. The album dropped two weeks later. I met M.I a months later. He called me one day and asked me to come to the house. Then we had a long discussion and I got signed on."
Jesse Jagz, son of the missionary Evangelist who grew up in the Church where he learnt how to play musical instruments talked about his rise to success
"It was Jeremiah Gyang. He was signed to Chocolate City and M.I was managing him at a point. We were close because we grew up together. So there was this show they came for in Jos and Jeremiah brought them to the studio. Then we met and kicked off from there. Audu owns the company and from there, they listened to our music. M.I was signed first, then me, Ice Price followed and now Brymo is also in. But before we got signed on papers, we were already working together and they called us for shows."
It was not to a big place. When we came, we were at Djinee's place for like a year. He was a kind host. Ice and I used to sleep on a dead mattress on a floor. But it was fun and tough because those things kept us balance."
Source: Excerpts from MI, Iceprince, Jesse Jagz, Brymo's interviews on Vanguard Newpaper.
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  1. Wut an inspiring and touching story, these guys r so brave,chai, well it paid off in d end, keep it up guys n rem one love keep everybody 2geda, its d friendship dat matters more than d fame. One luv, #nuff said!