Saturday, 10 September 2011


Kissing is one of some ways to show care and love. Under our sub realization, our self ask us to give it to everyone that we love. We give admiration and love kiss to our parents, sister and brother, we give friendship kiss to our friends, we give care kiss to our pets, we give humid, charming, avid and so much kiss to our husband / lover.
What compel you give kisses to someone or something? Many peoples said are the atmosphere. When you feel blissful, you can give a kiss to any one. Have you ever seen or among a celebration situation, such a goal celebration on a soccer match? I saw many people on this situation can give kiss to some one alongside them even they do not know them at all. However, many celebration kisses are going to our beloved peoples. The blissful feeling is not only on celebration days but also on meeting time.
You give kiss to your parents, sister, brother, family, friends, husband, and lover when you meet them after long time no see. You kiss them to let out your desire. In contradictory, you also give kiss on good-bye time. It is must be not because of joyful feeling or joyful mood. I ask some peoples about why you give kiss on good-bye time-some of them answer because of habit. People on their family and people around them always do that and some answer because of the kiss will linger and will go with them-it is a romantic version.
Care and love vigor us to give kisses and unique kiss to our beloved peoples. Special kiss must be give on special moments. You can give a unique kiss to your special peoples on their birthday or their graduation ceremony. Unite your special kiss with hug, or presents or flowers and beautiful words from you.
The mainly special kiss is a first kiss. So, do not do any mistakes on your first kiss. Set the time and place and make sure your honey is in a good mood. Make her smile and creates blossom pink on her cheek with your sweet words. No hesitation, your kiss will remain on her lips and make her yours forever and ever.
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