Saturday, 24 September 2011


Nigerian female rapper, Sasha who was once rumoured to be romantically involved with naeto C has kept her private life mostly under wraps.
Sasha on her love life, shared that she believes her being involved in hiphop shouldn't have discouraged her male admirers.
In this interview, she sounded like a lady whom her career has taken all her focus. The hiphop lady is saying, you must love her for who she is.

Excerpts from her interview on Vanguard
Will you tag yourself a tomboy?
No o! I know I started off as a tom boy because a lot of things that my female friends will do were not interesting to me except for maybe shopping (laughs). I probably started of as a tom boy because I was a bit more brazen, adventurous and outspoken but I don't really think I am anymore. I'm a woman now I've grown over the years; that I am feisty doesn't mean that I'm manly
...People say when they see me on stage I look so aggressive. I believe that the content of what you are saying matters. If you watch the Adara video, I wasn't aggressive there because of the message in the song. You have to communicate your message in your songs. The fact is that I might be aggressive when I'm on stage, but then, I try to communicate my message to the audience. I hate to be a tom boy.

Do you think this has discouraged male admirers?
Well I certainly hope not, because I'm an African woman and African women are the strong confident ones and this is exactly how we expect our men to be. But then I don't just come at you and dare you. I'm not that kind of person. If a man is confident in himself then whatever it is that I am doing should not be a deterant to whatever it is he feels about me. It should not be a problem. But I do get to hear people say ha! Sasha you have to calm down o! because you know you might be scaring men away but then I say what have I done to scare anyone. I mean this is what I do and so it depends really on the individual. It's not about age or about any thing. It's about the confidence of the person involved. I don't see why you should see my performances as a deterant to anything that you might have in mind.
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