Thursday, 29 September 2011


Terry G in a rare and candid interview talks with popular OAP, MC Icewater on Eko FM about his personal life, controversies and being misunderstood.
On new album sales-
Just because it wasn't launched and no enough buzz not available cos I was always travelling and not around Τo push it out. Terry G Agrees dat he needs ideas and cooperate packagin and not someone living on his past connections and bothered about haven not received any awards so far
Most mis-understood artist?
I deliver wat the street wants am not as worst as I portray cos am an act just like the actors in the movies so tomorrow could be of a new change
On Terry Gzuz?
Is just an acclaim Τo show I belong Τo a Christian firm not anti-christ like. If I were doin strictly xtain song? I could have been this popular too,but doing secular is just to represent the youth & I have No regret doing dis but change is constant & inevitable
On Now Muziq controversies?
I knew This would go dis way,because I wasn't getting what I wanted
On other artist Βeats usage:
Its my Βeat which you paid for and should remain my intellectual property in as much as I didn't sing his song the way it was recorded and even other acts using dat Βeat I can even sue That fellow Performing featured acts song on stage-
On Now Musiq-
I felt cheated and they were just out Τo eat from my brand,we never signed any papers. The street wants me daily and I keep loosing while trying Τo keep at per with the cooperate world.
On 1,500 album sales?
Yes,why should they change my brand for same reasons why am known, who would buy such? My same disciple?
How emotional is Terry G?
Am a soft person,used Τo be in love, but now no more
Weddin Rumours?
God is my witness o, I was at home when I saw the report,maybe they saw me at someones weddin and taught I was the one gettin married
On Love Child?
I use to have a child,whom I use to be proud of but after 3 DNA's I found out she wasn't my child afterall,imagine after taking care of her for 3years
Weddin plans?
Of course, my mama don dey wait for me to hurry down the aisle but no lover yet
On Endorsement?
I suppose don dey on Energy drinks because I have the swagger to sell their products maybe they are scared coming close but they shud remember am an act on stage and off stage, am your next door neighbor, Gabriel Amanyi
Do you do drugs?
No, i have never tasted Cocaine,Igbo but I smoke and almost all naija acts smoke
Smokin for Inspiration?
Nooo, anybody who does dat lacks the ginger
Meanin of Akpako?
It simply means finding a way to the bottom of wherever you are for you to gain Promotion Τo the next level
Parental support?
Am from Benue, family of four,my younger brother D-Money works with me here as an artist, my two younger sisters are in the University,my mum owns a supermarket around Fagba here & my Dad works and also takes charge of all my properties because ours is a God-fearing home and I have their blessings
Future Projects?
Dropping my mixtape soon Τo be titled LUCIFER,video of 'Baby Don't Go' coming soon & D-Money's album with other house of ginger stuff comin out soon
I Don Dey UNIBEN, Sociology, 400 Level and sometimes i have my lecturers come take me on Private lessons since class fit No contain me atimes
How much are you worth?
I don't know but am so expensive
Most memorable moment?
Once kissed by Tonto Dike at Nu Grotto recently saying she loves my song so much
On Artists sharing beefs with you?
I have forgiven them long ago, because the divine God also forgives us when we go astray
On Hennessy not bringing endorsement?
Well I don't care am doing it for my pleasure and I think there's politricks In the system but I know one day they are gonna come back and then, they wil sell better cos we don kari we song over-sale them self
Words to fans?
I appreciate them so well & try giving back Τo them always,my fans on facebook & twitter are the best
Thanks to Madboi of for writing out 'excerpts from the' interview
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