Thursday, 8 September 2011


P square (Peter and Paul Okoye) are at it again. The singing duo recently described the way some of their colleagues in Nigerian entertainment industry go about doing collabos with international artists as nothing but colonial mentality.At a press conference which was held in the London, P square said: "If you are taking me to a club to listen to western music, forget it I wont go there
Don't be deceived by this collabo thing...cause they are trying to tap from us
If you don't open the doors for us, we would shut our door.
I don't need to do a collabo with somebody before you can start playing my music there (abroad), we play your songs in Nigeria, did you do a collabo with anybody?
We don't need no collaboration from no artist, we don't need no Jay Z, we don't need no Kanye West!" Obviously,Psquare was referring to D'banj's new collabo with Snoop Dog and his new deal with Kanye West record company. Darey also did one with chamillionaire.I support you Psquare, a collabo with Ras Kimono or our own Pasuma wonder would be sold out! LOL......