Saturday, 3 September 2011


Wizkid is being impersonated on Facebook by a number of fraudsters who pretend to be Wizkid and collect money for bookings and shows. In discussing this Wizkid's manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe, she said: It’s quite unfortunate how people try to mess up a brand others are spending so much energy and time to build.
It’s true there are people on facebook who have been impersonating wizkid and we have had several reports of people who have been defrauded one way or the other.
Wizkid as I speak with you does not have facebook account because for about one year now his facebook account has been deactivated.Just recently someone was asked to pay about 500k to an account for Wizkid to perform at a show but luckily he mentioned it to one of Mo-Hits manager who told him straight Wizkid cannot negotiate for a show himself and he gave the person my number.
It was not until he called me that he found out he was about to be duped. Right now we are going all out to let people know that he doesn’t have a facebook account and cannot deal with anyone on the internet"
So people, be more careful and alert, the same occurred few months ago with Psquare when scammers created a fake website with the aim of defrauding.

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