Sunday, 9 October 2011

October True #YBMH :::: Opzy (Yoruba Rap Crooner/ Enigma Finalist::: 3rd Place Winner)

Opzy is the new kid on the block, yes!! He's the uber-talented young chap behind the yoruba rap song that got mad buzz & reviews. Here's his interview with ROnline's MayowaKay, he talks about his experience so far since he was discovered by music fans & critics, how he got signed and all.

MayowaKay :: First of all, what's your real name? & how did you come up with the name "Opzy"?

Opzy :: ‎​My name is Opeyemi Akinloye, i took the nickname OPZY because most people that bears Opeyemi are mostly called OPZY

MayowaKay :: Since you started music, how's the hustle been like? Tough challenges or smooth sailing?

Opzy :: ‎​Seriously,it has not been easy,i remember last year when i released a track titled money makes me swagger and i couldn't get 3 pple to listen to it,it was really frustrating,there was this carnival i went to last year and while performing some guys gave me money and after i was through performing,the same guys came and collected all the money from me. Thanks to Almighty God,everything has changed a little now,you wont believe the ceo of Golden Records(@aweelowbab) saw me performing at a street carnival last year december and after i was through performing,he sent someone to me and told me to come down to his house and in April 2011,i was offered a record deal!

MayowaKay :: Golden Records? If I'm not mistaken?

Opzy :: Yes,Golden Records.

MayowaKay :: That's deep! There's always a light at the end of every tunnel. Tell me more about "Opzy" cos a lot people wanna really know what your personality is like?

Opzy :: OPZY is a very down to earth boy,i like doing music alot, lol!,i like dancing alot too,i like spending time with my friends when i am less busy,i am a very shy person!,i like playing vídeo games (soccer or god of war)

MayowaKay :: ‎​The reactions from music fans & the acceptance of your debut single "Yoruba Rap", did it all come as a surprise??

Opzy :: Wow!that was july 12th,i can never forget that day in my life!,thanks to shola faleti of notjustok who posted my "yoruba rap" track on,it was a surprise because most people do tell me that upcoming artist's songs dont get posted there!,huge thanks to all the other online blogs that posted my track also. Thanks to all the people that has been supporting me till this very moment!,

MayowaKay :: Don Jazzy's "Enigma", what was the experience like.? What motivated you to jump on the beat?

Opzy ::‎​ Wow! ‎​Hmmm its was just a lil while after yoruba rap was posted on notjustok then don jazzy/notjustok came up with the ENIGMA beat competition,the next day my fans on twitter started tweeting asking for the download link of my own version of ENIGMA when i've not even thought of doing it. Later that day i tweeted and asked if i was qualified to do my own version and everybody asked why not, so my manager called me up and told me that i'll be voicing on the ENIGMA beat so i met with me at the studio. Though i wasn't prepared but i was inspired by the beat and i didn't want to disappiont my newly found fans

MayowaKay :: ‎​Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

Opzy :: ‎​I want to be the one on everybody's lips,i want to do some more international collabos because i have done one already but the song is not yet out!
‎​And be able to win loads of awards. Oshaamo!

MayowaKay :: What advice do you have for young people still hustling to be heard by many?

Opzy :: ‎​My brothers and sisters,keep doing what you sabi do o,dont let anyone tell you that your kind of song can't break through into the nigerian music industry, hard work pays alot!. If i tell you say e easy,my friend na set up o!,its not easy atall but you should never think of quiting atall.

MayowaKay ::: Should we be expecting any newjoints, mixtape or collabo from you?

Opzy :: ‎​Golden records just signed another artist, his name is Tibiony,we are working on a track together,the track should be out anytime soon,yoruba rap vídeo should be out very soon also and my international collabo with bayoz muzik should be out very soon also!

MayowaKay :: Are you easy to contact? Like if people wanna work with you, how can they get at you?

Opzy :: I'm very easy to contact, just holla at @lipsberry101 on twitter or check my facebook fan page or my twitter profile for my manager's contact!

MayowaKay :: Lastly, I wanna say a big thank you on behalf of ROnline for your time, God bless your hustle.. You're a certified YBMH, God will keep you at the top.

Opzy :: ‎​Amen! Thanks so very much for the interview also,i really appreciate it,my label appreciates it also!. Una get mouth, e gbayi jor!
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