Saturday 15 October 2011


Loud lumi is an extremely talented and creative NigerianArtiste/Producer and music lover, often described as the new sound andfuture of Nigerian hiphop.born in Lagos he had both his primary andsecondary education there, he also bagged a degree in Engineering inthe year 2007.    For this 20 something year old rapper (Although he prefers to callhimself a music maker), music had always been an integral part of hislife. He started writing his own rap songs in the late 90's while insecondary school. His love for the hip hop genre of music had himlistening and becoming inspired by various Foreign and local artistefrom the late Notorious B.I.G and Tupac, NAS, Eminem, KAnye West , JayZ, TRybesmen,Raekwon. His style of music is quite eclectic and hisdynamism and musical flexibility is quite visible in songs such asDy/Dx Where he tries his hands on a lil RnB, Dancehall and of courseHIP HOP with superb mastery. Having recorded his first song titled "Reminiscing" while still in the University, 7 years ago, and since then honing his skills andimproving on his music. It is no wonder that the voice got youthinking who the artiste is? The quality of his delivery, technique,rhyming and lyrics tells you Loud lumi is an act who truly has gotmusic in his heart. His inspiration he says comes from his experiencesand the world around him, His unique style of rapping sets him apartfrom the legion of wannabe rappers, with a voice that every guy wishthey had and every chic wants to hear ,Loud lumi can almost be calledFlow Perfect.      Currently nearing the completion of his masters Programme in theUniversity of Lagos,  Loudlumi cuts across as a smart, cool, smoothtalking ,intellectual dude. Always quick to say that "Life is tooshort so I gotta stand tall". This Young Nigerian dude is a gem yet tobe discovered and has his eyes set on the bigger picture, which to himis to become a musician of note all over the world, with his firstofficial single Wabamijo coming on radio stations across the countryvery soon and a follow up video already in the works. It is just amatter of time before the whole takes note of this brilliant musicianloudlumi!


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