Tuesday 25 October 2011

#Top5 Most Anticipated African Movies

Trying to test the mind of our readers that among the movie trailers and posters that they have seen on the net etc we asked which one are they really expecting to go to the market and buy before the end of 2011.
Movie titles like Somewhere In Africa,Death After Birth, Destiny Child,Sons of Satan and Sinking Sands where the movies which had the majority of internet lovers on Facebook &Twitter who requests in high percentages.

  • Somewhere In Africa Tops with 60%( Heros Production/Frank Rajah)

Death After Birth 20% (Roger Q Productions)

Sons Of Satan 10% (Socrat Sarfo)

Destiny's Child 5% (Hau of Kadewe films )

Sinking Sands 5% (Leila Djansi)