Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Skuki.. This duo is definitely full of surprises. After introducing new
words like Peeshaun into our dictionary, and just when it looked like they
were getting predictable, Skuki has switched the style up. HALLELUJAH!-
This new song from the brothers is a classic, covering over a range of
essential topics from God to children to marriage to money. With lyrics
enmeshed in the flow of a superbly danceable beat, it gives us every reason
to get up and move our body.
HALLELUYAH- is a celebration song, the kind of
jam that automatically puts u in a good mood whenever it comes on..
Something for everyone in the society from all age and classes. With the
production skills of a profound & uber-talented, E-KELLY, enjoy Skuki's- HALLE, HALLE HALLE,


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