Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Millie_blu ::: Introduce Us To kid blaize?

KB ::: Kid blaize is a seventeen year old artiste named Adelana Olaosebikan, who has a sole objective of killing the music industry ... Haha

Millie_blu ::: How long have you been doing Music?

KB :::: Officially I started recording & writing my own songs when I was fifteen, But I've always been involved with music from a very tender age.

Millie_blu ::: What are your Challenges or Struggles So Far?

KB ::: I can't really think up any struggles I have faced so far. I have had support from everywhere in every way & I pray God allows it remain that way

Millie_blu ::: Are your parents aware of your music career?

KB ::: Ahh ! Definitely. They are in full support, & I love them for that.

Millie_blu ::: How do you combine your school work with Music?

KB ::: I thank God I've been gifted in both areas. Combining these two can be very difficult, but I've been able to do it easily by putting in equal energy & priority to both fields

Millie_blu ::: Apart from rapping,what other talents do you posses ?

KB ::: I enjoy all sports & I'm relatively good at most.

Millie_blu ::: Are you working on any mixtape,if yes when are we to expect it?

KB ::: I don't have any mixtape plans.

Millie_blu ::: Who are your favorite artistes &What Inspires Your Music?

KB ::: Err, My favorite artistes have to be .. J . Cole, Dhesir, Kendrick Lamar, Levelz, Drake & Bridge.
My moods & certain kinds of beats influence/inspire my music

Millie_blu ::: Who do you plan to work with soon?
Haha ..

KB ::: We plan on suprising ya'll so I'm going to pass on this one .

Millie_blu ::: Where Do You See Kid blaize In 4 years.?

KB ::: Successful & working on my first album

Millie_blu ::: Something Thing We Don't know About you?

KB ::: Err , My favourite colour is Black

Millie_blu ::: Any last words?

KB :::Don't Dull

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