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He goes by the name Abdul-Azeem Ibrahim, born on the 12th of May. Jammal started singing at the very tender age of 5 in a children's choir  in Jos Plateau State where he was based. He's an undergraduate of Babcock University and majors in Computer Information System. Coming into Lagos he hooked up with a music production  team called PLAERZ to get his grind on. Sometimes called the hooker because of his prolific ability to lace a chorus in a song . He has a song out now "Here I Stand" produced by Suka  which was  played on the Big Brother Amplified and became the most played song in the house.  What more can we say he's one of the rare and creative writers and artiste around so don't hesitate to press that play button.

Millie_blu ::: Introduce Us To jammal ?

Jammal ::: I am Abdul-Jammal Ibrahim born May 12 I hail from Kogi State but based in Jos Plateau State, am an undergraduate of Babcock university and I major in Computer Information System. I'm a singer and I love music

Millie_blu ::: How long have you been doing Music? 

Jammal ::: Well I know this is really a cliché but  I started from a childrens choir in my church when I was 5 years old and then  started music as a profession 2007. 

Millie_blu ::: how was it like to record your first ever song in a studio ?

Jammal ::: To be honest it was kind of scary and I was tensed. .... Because I was not sure what I was doing in a box(booth) with a mic alone, and sadly that  day the studio was packed full which increased the tension.

Millie_blu ::: What are your Challenges or Struggles So Far?

Jammal ::: One of my major challenge was to find my own style, to know who jammal really is. It was sort of like an adventure though because I got to try so many things.

Millie_blu ::: do you think the support you are getting from your fans can push you up in the music industry? 

Jammal ::: Well the fans are the main reason why am in all this, I love it when I sing to people and make them happy it motivates me to do more and thanks to my fans for that support, I love you all.

Millie_blu ::: how do your parents cope with your music career ?

Jammal ::: Its one rule, as far as music doesn't interfere with my education they're alright with it.

Millie_blu ::: apart from being an artiste,what do you plan to become in future?

Jammal ::: An entrepreneur and a humanitarian. I'll love to give back from the many blessings God has given me.

Millie_blu ::: How do you combine your school work with your Music

Jammal ::: Its kind of easy you know, week days I do my normal school stuff and weekends am either in the studio or at some show.

Millie_blu ::: do you have time to record in school?

Jammal ::: Yes as I said during the weekends.

Millie_blu ::: Apart from singing ,what other talent do you posses ?

Jammal ::: Am a lyricist as well, I have written a number of song for some popular names in the industry, not calling their names though lowkey things. Hehehhee.

Millie_blu ::: Are you working on any mixtape,if yes when are we to expect it?

Jammal ::: No I'm not

Millie_blu ::: are you signed to any record label?

Jammal ::: No I'm not signed into any label at the moment but I work with a company/team  called Plaerz they manage me.

Millie_blu ::: who is your favourite artiste and what inspires your music?

Jammal ::: Chris Brown lol no homo ooooh... I get inspired at times by life experiences or sometimes happenings around me.

Millie_blu ::: Who do you plan to work with in the near future ?

Jammal ::: I'll love to work with the likes of Don jazzy, Cobhams, Tiwa Savage and Dare. My list is longer than this though but well let's just manage with once for now.(Smiling really hard)

Millie_blu ::: among the upcoming artistes we have today in nigeria,who can you say is making it big 

Jammal ::: Dammy Krane and with his recent sign up with Tuface well its gonna be nothing but a jolly ride for him.

Millie_blu ::: Where Do You See jammal  In 4 years.?

Jammal ::: Hmmmmn choi!!! This one is a hard one. Well I'll be signed by then, moved out of my parents house, have some local and international music awards to my name and still be the same person, fame and fortune won't change me I pray.

Millie_blu ::: Something We Don’t know About you?

Jammal :::  I guess just one thing I am like Oliver Twist I'm never content. :D

Millie_blu :::  Any last words?

Jammal :::  I love music and what I do and never in my life have I ever had regret for this. And if you are out there and you have what it takes don't be shy or scared to let it out. And always put God first. I'm JammaL.



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