Friday, 6 April 2012


Kingsley Okafor Popularly known as RUKUS made a splash on the scene in 2006 when the hit single “African Queen” received airplay in the U.S., U.K., Nigeria, and Ghana and was chosen as part of a compilation album with proceeds to aid in the fight against poverty.  Rukus re-emerged the next year both in the U.S. and Nigeria appearing on Eldee’s smash hit “Big Boy”which was a big aid to his career
     Fast forward to 2010 where Rukus’ “The Hunger” mixtape has been critically acclaimed and shows off his lyrical versatility, as well as his Naija and American influences and boasts a roster of the best artists in Nigeria.
    In 2011 he competed in the Enigma competition by Don Jazzy and came out to be among the winners and was featured on the mixtape as said  by Don Jazzy
     Now 2012 Rukus is working on a mixtape  “The Hunger 2”  which he promises to be different from our everyday naija rap
 look out for this young MC to bring a new brand of Nigerian hiphop to the forefront before taking his sound international.

Millie ::: Introduce Us To Rukus ?

Rukus ::: Rukus is different. Blessed by God.  I'm hip-hop with a soul...I rap about my life, issues, and things that people can relate to. I can flow with the best of them, and I feel like lyrically I'm one of the best Naija has ever seen. Rewind my verses and really'll find something new almost every time. At the end of the day I can rap about anything, anytime and make you feel it! No need to curse...I want my message to reach everyone uncensored. And I'm true to hip-hop - check my freestyle on Jimmy's Jumpoff if you doubt!

Millie ::: How long have you been doing Music?

Rukus ::: I've been doing music seriously since 2005. Things popped off in the industry primarily after 2008 when I featured on "Big Boy" with Eldee, Iceberg Slim, and Proto (Chiddy from Chiddy Bang). The "Enigma" competition brought some buzz back late last year and of course this year I rapped the last verse on the track "Where I'm From" with Basketmouth, Steelz, Eldee and Wizkid. Its been a wild ride thus far!

Millie ::: Do you see yourself as an upcoming artiste or as a Major artiste?

Rukus ::: Man...I don't think you're a major artist until the average person in the street knows who you are. So in that respect, I feel I'm upcoming. The music I'm making though IS major.

Millie ::: How was it like for you to compete in the enigma competition by don jazzy?

Rukus ::: That competition was a blessing that almost didn't happen. A friend of mine (Ike, founder of TruSpot) sent me a message about Don Jazzy throwing a contest. The rules weren't out, but I heard the beat and I wanted to be the 1st to submit in the hopes that Don Jazzy himself would hear mine - so I immediately got the beat, went to the booth, and did it in one take. I then tweeted it out - I didn't think it would be a big deal...but the exposure it got me was amazing. I'm grateful for the people who now follow my career because of it (including Don Jazzy himself)! Having Don Jazzy quote lyrics from my song is one of my favorite memories...

Millie ::: What do you think about Vic.o's enigma?

Rukus ::: Hilarious. "Why Evils" is now engrained in our vocabulary.

Millie ::: In about 6 years from now,where do you hope of seeing vic.o?

Rukus ::: Why Evils with these Vic O questions? 6 years is a long time - I have no idea, but I wish that guy the best!

 Millie ::: What are your Challenges or Struggles So Far?

Rukus ::: Way too many to mention. I've been rejected, told that I can't do this, had promises made to me to that weren't kept, and much more...but the truth is the biggest challenge is getting people to discover and hear your music. There's so much music out there (good and bad) so now its about figuring out what will make you unique to listeners.

Millie ::: How much love are you getting from your fans and your twitter followers?

Rukus ::: Let's just say the Rukus bandwagon and #TeamRukus are growing slowly, but surely. I get a lot of people quoting lines from my songs, complimenting my flow, and asking about "The Hunger 2".  What I can promise them is that I will reveal a lot about myself in "The Hunger 2" and it will be the most lyrical/meaningful project by a Nigerian rapper; by that I mean not just dope punchlines, but a story being told about me and my life and my views on the world.

Millie ::: How do you react to people who diss/insult your music on twitter?

Rukus ::: To be honest, I don't have too many haters on my music. I run into more people who underrate my abilities. I love it - it fuels me. People are entitled to their opinions. As an artist I feel like if you have a negative opinion about my music, its my job to make you seem crazy to other people. You'll be that one person out of thousands that doesn't feel me.

Millie ::: How many mixtapes/albums have you made or are in the making ?

Rukus ::: I've had 2 albums, and 3 mixtapes. I have a new mixtape "The Hunger 2" that I'm anticipating dropping in May 2012. Tell a friend!

Millie :::Are you signed to any record label?

Rukus ::: I'm finalizing a deal with a major record label in Naija, so I don't want to give too much information before that deal is confirmed...but as of this moment, not yet.

Millie ::: Who is your favorite artiste and what inspires your music?

Rukus :::I don't have one favorite artist - I have a few from different genres. Jay-z, Common, and Talib Kweli are big favorites in rap. John Mayer and Jill Scott as well. In Naija I dig Eldee's wide range of music and of course M.I.  As for my inspiration, its always either from my life, my dreams or from the things I see around me. I try to be as honest in my rhymes as possible.

Millie ::: Who do you plan to work with in the near future ?

Rukus ::: Everyone! I love collaborating with other artist - there's a lot of talented people in the music industry. Nneka, 2face, Bez, banky, wiz...everyone! I've gotta do stuff with the crooners!

Millie ::: We have a lot of upcoming artistes  in Nigeria ,who among them can you say is making it big?

Rukus ::: Plenty! All it takes is one song. I like what Davido is doing, Godwon is picking up steam, and there's plenty more that are getting attention. To be honest, I pay more attention to my next moves than to what other artists are doing.

Millie ::: Apart from music,is there any other thing you do?

Rukus ::: I'm a true nerd. I can do software programming in a couple of different languages (c++, visual basic, SQL, java), I'm a basketball nut - I try to play as often as possible, I read as much as possible - I absolutely love books, and I write - poetry (I've been published), fiction, and free lance writing as well. I work full-time doing music now, but prior to that I did work for one of the biggest banks in the I'm a jack of all trades.

Millie ::: What are the things you do as your hobbies?

Rukus :::  Ok, I jumped the gun and told you that stuff in the question before! But add travel and sleep...I'm always willing to fly somewhere or to sleep.

Millie ::: Where is your favorite place to hang out?

Rukus ::: Honestly, I'm a I don't need much to hang out...I don't have a favorite - anywhere where there's cool people and friends.

 Millie ::: Are you married?

Rukus ::: Chei! Some things should be personal to an artist - especially his relationship I'm definitely married to the music...

 Millie ::: If you were to date any female artiste in the music industry,who would you go for?

Rukus ::: Wow...that's a tough one! Although looks are important, personality is even more important so without knowing people personally that's a tough one. But there are plenty of attractive artists - Muna, Kel, Tiwa, Zaina, Titi Lokei, Zara, Victoria Kimani (Lord!)...some skinny, some thick, some cute, some sexy - I like'm all! ;-)

Millie ::: Where Do You See Rukus   In 4 years.?

Rukus ::: God-willing a star across the globe...a business man as well as an artist, but most importantly a philanthropist that has given time, money, and energy to charitable causes to improve Nigeria and the world in general.

Millie ::: A little bit of information you haven't disclosed about yourself so far?

Rukus ::: I think I've spilled my guts about everything!

Millie :::  Any last words?

Rukus ::: Yes! Lookout for "The Hunger 2" to be released in May 2012 and please show support simply by telling a friend anytime you hear something from me that you like - that's how this movement got started! No offense to any other Naija rappers out, but the music I'm going to put out this year is going to set the trend and bar for what everyone else will do...that's what I do - I trendset!  Much love to my supporters and the people that follow me - we're just getting started!

Millie ::: Thank you for your time,and God bless you and your music!!!

You can follow Rukus on twitter @RukusLive