Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Exclusive: The Crack Box chats with rising act, Slim T

TheCrackbox: Let's meet u sir. Who's SlimT to those that don't know you?
                                Slim T is just the guy Plugged and Making Good music 24/7 in the studio

TheCrackbox: Ok what’s your real name sir?
                                Haha! Classified information
I’mkidding.  Real name isAdetayo Okeowo TemiladeAbdulfatai, born in Lagos, raised in Kaduna and Lagos, third Out of four boys.

TheCrackbox:  What would you call your brand of music?
Rap Music. I’m very conscious of the type of lyrics and leave to my fans, which is why I always perform story telling.
TheCrackbox: Apart from Lagosians still making waves what other tracks do you have out?
                                I have released 5 tracks so far online namely; Die representing, Merry Christmas, Superman Featuring Hakym the dream, and finally Lagosians (Produced by Tintin). Only Lagosians has hit some radio stations
TheCrackbox: Who's your mentor in this industry? Or who do you admire the most?                                                                                I have more than one in a particular order. Lupe Fiasco, Eldee and MI. Especially Eldee

TheCrackbox: Wow I was expecting to hear the JayZs and Kanyes.Are they not in the list?
                                No they are not; I guess they just appeal to me more

TheCrackbox: I personally think u and Phenom look alike, ever got that before?
                                Yes. A lot LOL

TheCrackbox: You seem like a very busy person, how do yourelax?
Apparently am always busy, but I carry my iPod with me always. Helps out when am stressed. You know Lagosians now. LOL

TheCrackbox: just your IPod?. You don't hang out withyour guys or theladies?
I hang out though, with my childhood friends weno butter like that but we good. But honestly am always in the studio recording.

TheCrackbox: So basically do you think rap music has come to stay in Nigeria?
                                We are in the process

TheCrackbox:  Do we expect something with your TripCity crew soon,Tasti and Sukiyaki?
                                Currently Tasti is working hard on his Mix tape which TripCity,should release soon before the end of 2012. And Sukiyaki is also recording and doing tours around Boston and New York. So Yeah TripCity is doing it Big this Year

TheCrackbox: Oh that’s cool we can't wait. Lastly is SlimT a ladies man or in a serious relationship at the moment?
LOL erm well, no comment. I just have friends :) For now

TheCrackbox: Haha I get u bro. Thanks for your time
                                You are welcome, thanks For having me#teamslimt:)

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